Wondering About Wool

Wondering About Wool

Welcome to the wonders of wool! If you're reading this, you likely know that Kathryn and I love talking about fibers. Silks, cottons, novelty fibers (stitching with velvet? say no more), and last but not least, the queen of the fibers, wool.

We have a lot of customers come in and say "I've never stitched with wool before," or "I don't like stranded fiber." We want to make sure you know everything about the available fibers to make the best decision for you and your project! Wool is a phenomenal option for all types of stitching and for all types of stitchers. 

Many of the beautiful vintage pieces you see in your local antique shop are stitched in wool. Wool is incredibly durable since each fiber in the wool contains moisture - it makes it flexible and enables the fiber to bounce back when it is bent. If you’ve ever seen in our shop, you’ll have seen our needlepointed director’s chair from the 1970’s - stitched in wool and still looks as good as the day it was stitched! 



Wool is great for all types of stitching but wool is particularly durable. One huge reason for selecting wool as your fiber for a project is the desire for legacy-quality, long-lasting needlepoint product. Stockings, chairs, and pillows are just a few items that are great projects for using wool since you want them to last as long as possible! Check out these ornaments that were stitched years ago that look good as new.



Another excellent time to use wool in your project is for a final product that is going to get a lot of wear-and-tear. Key fobs, belts, pockets, and patches are all going to be in use and touching other surfaces. Kathryn is currently stitching a hobby belt in wool! Since wool is highly durable, we recommend stitching all of these items in wool for the longest-lasting impact! 


Third Coast Stitches stocks Paternayn Persian Yarn. Paternyan is a 100% wool yarn, spun in 3-ply. We hear many stitchers express concern about stranded fiber but Paternyan is very easy to strand. Check out how cleanly these pieces come apart from one another!       


When stitching in Paternayn on 13-mesh, we prefer to use 2 strands. When stitching with this wool on 18-mesh, we like to use 1 strand. This provides full coverage without being difficult to pull through. Definitely use a threader with this wool - it can be difficult to thread your needle without one! I am working on a project right now with 13 mesh and using 2 strands. I included an image here so you can get a sense of coverage! 




As always, give us a shout if you have questions about wool or any fiber!





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    I love wool and am wondering if you carry all Paternayn colors, and also how much for each. Thanks so much, and best wishes for success with your shop

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