Basic Needlepoint Terms

Basic Needlepoint Terms

As a new stitcher, it can be overwhelming to navigate various needlepoint terms and lingo! In this post we will walk you through some helpful needlepoint terms to know. 

Canvas - refers to the mesh fabric that needlepoint designs are painted on. TCS sells only Zwiegart canvas which is the highest quality canvas, produced in Germany. Most needlepoint canvases are painted on either 13M or 18M - which refers to the gage of the casas. 18M canvas had 18 intersections per square inch and 13M has 13 per square inch. We recommend 13M for your first project. Ultimately - both are useful and it is more a matter of personal preference. 

Tapestry Needles - the type of needles used for needlepointing! They come in various sizes and are much less sharp than your average canvas. 

Dye Lots - Dye lots refer to the batch that fibers are dyed in. Most but not all needlepoint fibers are dye lotted - which means that the manufacturer only guarantees color consistency across a colors dye lot. Meaning Silk & Ivory Regatta Lot 1 will be a slightly different color than Silk & Ivory Regatta Lot 2. What this means is that when stitching with a dye lotted fiber - you should be careful to purchase enough of the same dye lotted fiber to complete your project. 

Orts - refers to the bits and pieces of leftover fibers that are cut off while stitching a canvas. 

Tension -  refers to the tightness of your stitches. It is a best practice to try to keep the same tension while stitching, in order to give your stitches as consistent of an appearance as possible. 

Now that you have mastered the critical needlepoint terms you are ready for your next project!

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