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Choosing a Beginner Canvas

So, you’re new to needlepoint! Or maybe you have a friend who you think will like it (or maybe you think they’ll scoff at it initially and then become obsessed…). 

Good news - we have a ton of great started canvases for the new needlepointer. 

When looking for a beginner canvas, we take a few things into account. 

  1. How large is the canvas? As we’ve all had happen, sometimes you can get bored with a big canvas! I have countless ‘works-in-progress’ canvases in my stash that I’ve put aside for period of time because I wasn’t inspired anymore - we don’t want that happening with a new stitcher. Something easily digestible and will be a quick finish is best - a Veuve Bottle or a White Claw canvas is the perfect little size!
  2. How complex is the pattern? Changing threads can be a challenge for new stitchers! We want to make their life easy with plenty of solid background so they can get the hang of basketweave and continental stitches. This cheeky canvas is fun and has plenty of space to get your stitcher comfortable with the basics!
  3. What do they like? Is the new stitcher in your life a Notre Dame alumnae? This key fob is perfect! Love sailing? This American flag with an anchor in it is awesome! Think of their interests and go around that. 

Keeping those three things in mind will set your search for the perfect beginner canvas up for success before you even start. 

As always, if you have questions just reach out to us! If we don’t have the exact thing you’re looking for, we are happy to order it for you. 


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