Project Inspiration!

Project Inspiration!

Canvas:  CHI Letters  - 18m

Why We Love It:  It is not just a travel round, a tribute to our favorite city, or a great tourist memory canvas….it is also the name of a hit TV series!

How We Would Finish It:  From starting with a simple hanging sign, we could elevate this to a jean jacket back, an acrylic tray, or a standup for bookshelf or desk!

What Fibers We Would Recommend:  Pepper Pot or Essentials, Petite Very Velvet, Silk Lame Braid and Kreinik.


What Stitches We Would Recommend:

This is a busy canvas so most of it calls for continental or basketweave. Use fiber to create your interest. Kreinik  for the sign; very velvet for the Hancock Tower and Silk Lame braid for the Bean. Oh and don’t forget the poppy seeds on the Chicago hot dog…you could bead them or use Petite Very Velvet for texture!

Written by: Catherine Shaffer

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