Third Coast Stitches shown stitching a local needlepoint canvas. Lycette Designs. KC Needlepoint.

Needlepoint Projects on the Move

 I'm sure that we're not the only ones - we’ve been doing a lot more traveling in the past two months than we could have foreseen about a year ago! With that, we’ve needed to change our WIPs up to make sure we can pack them along on our trips - plane, train, or automobile, we’ve been loving some smaller canvases that are packable and have that bright, summer feel! 

The Alice & Blue Zephyrs canvas shouts summer - our friend Katherine stitched the ocean in a variegated fiber and we just adore how it turned out! 

This sunglass case is the perfect summer project - not only can you use this next year to pack your sunnies, but it’s super portable in one of our small project bags. We can’t get over how cute the Dalmatian on this canvas is, and if you’re looking for a little bit of a brighter vibe, a color change would look so sweet.

And if you're looking for a quicker finish for a hostess gift on your travels, this Bee round will fit perfectly in the self-finishing boxes we stock from Planet Earth.

Have needlepoint, will travel. 


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