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Meet Mack!

Hi there!

Thanks so much for visiting our shop’s website. We know there are a lot of options in the Needlepoint world so if you’ve end up here, on this post - thank you! 

As Kathryn introduced herself, I figure it only makes sense if I write a bit about myself as well. For the basics, my name is Mackenzie and I often go by Mack to family or friends. I grew up near Cape Cod, Massachusetts, went to college in Maine, and then spent a few years in Boston after I graduated. I’ve now lived in Chicago for 2 years and just love it. Though I absolutely miss the Boston accents and New England sports teams, I describe Chicago as the best of both Boston and New York - I can give you more details when you’re in the shop next on this theory!

I started needlepointing because I was looking for something to do in the evenings rather than watch tv or read (I am a huge supporter of Public Libraries). My first canvas was purchased from the Village Needlepoint in Padanaram, MA, and it was a 4” round of a martini glass.I taught myself how to stitch with the help of YouTube in the Spring, and then put it aside. Come fall, I picked it back up and ordered the other three 4’ rounds in the set - red wine, white wine, and a manhattan. I haven’t looked back since! 

I love needlepointing things that I can use. Large pouches, sunglass cases, trays, patches for pants or jackets, hats, you name it! I spend so much time needlepointing that I want to show it off and get a lot of use out of it. With the items that I stitch to use though, I’m limited to basketweave or continental. My goal for the last year has been to learn more decorative stitches - some of them will hold up in high-use finishing, and others might be decorative pillows or protected under glass of some type.

I am thrilled to partner with Kathryn on opening Third Coast Stitches and combining our friendship and shared passion for needlepoint into a business serving our Chicago community. Our goal is to create a community with other stitchers with this same passion to share knowledge, insight, tips, and support in our needlepoint journeys, no matter what stage you’re at. 

We’re eager to have long-time and first-time stitchers alike join us. Pop in any time to check out our inventory or to chat all things needlepoint - we’re so excited to see you. 


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