Beading, French Knots, & Decorative Stitches, oh my!

Beading, French Knots, & Decorative Stitches, oh my!

Perhaps you set a needlepoint New Year's resolution or some goals. Maybe you didn't (hey, me neither!). Maybe you want to learn a few new things this year, level up your stitching game, or figure out a way to make needlepoint gifts faster? If any of that is true, we have some classes on the schedule that might be right for you. If none of that is true, call me and I can tell you some other good reasons to take a class with us! 

In chronological order of upcoming classes with seats still available (Kathryn told me I couldn't stack rank the classes based on my favorites):


February 12th - Keyfob Self-Finishing

Join Clare for her self-finishing keyfob class. We've had two sold-out sessions of this class (with rave reviews) and we're so excited to bring it back in 2022! You 

get to select the keyfob you will stitch. From there, we will kit it up with DMC and have it for you to pick up to stitch prior to the class! 

The class will review both the binding stitch (a critical stitch to know for so many projects!) and a double binding stitch, and how to attach your stitched keyfob to the self-finishing hardware. To give you an idea of what this might look like upon completion, check out some of these examples. 

Registration is now open here

February 22nd - Decorative Stitch Class (inspired by the Amazon Prime show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!)

Join Clare for a Needlepoint Stitching 201! We've heard from many of our newer stitchers that they want to level up their stitching with decorative stitches but aren't sure where to start. Let Clare guide you through 3-4 decorative stitches.

Class price includes a class-exclusive canvas, fibers, a copy of the Needlepoint Bible (Stitches to Go), and instruction. 

 Registration now open here

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