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Flying with Needlepoint!

This weekend I'm leaving a very brave Mackenzie at the shop to hold down the fort while I fly to NYC to meet a very special new member of the Weir family! Needlepoint is the ideal way to pass the quick flight from Chicago to NYC so of course I brought a few projects along. I thought I would give you all a few tips I have learned while traveling with needlepoint:

  • Project bags are a life saver! If you're bringing different projects on your trip it can be nice to have a few project bags to keep your threads organized. I'm probably biased but I just love our TCS ones.
  • There are non-scissor type thread cutters you can buy but these scissors are TSA approved. These are also the perfect size for everyday use so they make for a practical buy.
  • If possible, sitting in left aisle seat if you're right handed gives you a little extra elbow room while stitching! ;-) 
  • One other thing I will add is that during the pandemic we all have been flying with masks, which makes it tricky if you lick your thread to thread your needle. I have found two solutions to this issue. One is to bring a water bottle to wet your finger (if you are clumsy like me this can be risky). The other option is to use a threader to help!

Alright--happy in flight stitching! Let me know if you have any flight related needlepoint questions below!



  • Posted by Gail Goodman on

    Small projects for the plane work best for carrying onto planes.

  • Posted by Leslie Randolph on

    Please put me on you list for TCS’s newsletter.
    Leslie Randolph

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