Christmas Finishing Deadlines

Christmas Finishing Deadlines

Christmas deadlines already?! For so many stitchers, the question is, "How?!"

As the needlepoint industry continues to grow, finishers are still in high demand. Best-in-class finishing comes with many difficulties, and we feel strongly that top-tier finishing that will last for generations is worth waiting for. With that being said, we are sharing our 2023 Christmas finishing deadlines:


Soft Goods (Ornaments, Stand Ups, Stockings, Non-Leather Clutches) - July 1, 2023
Frames - June 1, 2023
Leather (except bags) - October 1, 2023 


If you have any questions on a specific project not listed above, please email us at We're stitching for these deadlines, too! Kathryn is stitching Seas & Greetings to be finished into a Christmas Card Box. Mackenzie is stitching this Merry pillow to add to her collection! Let the stitching rush begin. 


In stitches, 

Mack + Kath

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