Tea with TCS: Stitch Style

Tea with TCS: Stitch Style

As many of you know, Jinny of Stitch Style Needlepoint, will be joining us on June 10th and 11th for two classes. Following the classes we will host a pop-up with Jinny, featuring many of her beautiful classes and stitch guides (and a 15% discount!). Jinny's canvases are unique in that most come with a Stitch Guide, highlighting Jinny's talent for planning and teaching decorative stitches! For many stitchers, Stich Guides are intimidating and tricky especially if you haven't worked through one before. We've felt this way for years, but after taking a class with Jinny, we're confident that Jinny can guide you through successfully and comfortably! We can't recommend joining us for one of Jinny's classes highly enough. 

Hydrangea Mailbox Round - June 9th from 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Volkswagen Bug with Flowers - June 10th from 9:00am -11:00am

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When did you learn to needlepoint? What was your first project?

I don't know that I ever sat down to learn to needlepoint. My mom has stitched all my life, and I can't remember ever not being around it. I think I learned through osmosis. I was always drawn to the projects she was working on though. I have very vivid memories as a little girl of sitting in her lap and helping her. She would put the needle in the hole it was supposed to go in and I would pull it through the canvas for her. Not a very efficient way to stitch... but a memory I will always treasure! She bought me my first project that was my own canvas when I was probably seven (I think she was tired of me stealing hers)- it was a Barbara Eyre canvas of a mouse holding a leaf that is sadly no longer in production. 

What has been your favorite finish? What is your favorite canvas + stitch guide you have designed?

There are so many things I've loved designing. I am really a stitcher by background and although I took a lot of art classes as a child, I don't really have any formal art training. I'm always coming to the canvas design from the perspective that it will ultimately be stitched. When I paint something, I'm working backwards from the end product; thinking about the stitches I'd put where and what threads I'm going to use on the canvas. If I have a really specific fiber in mind, I'll paint to that color so that I know I have a good match when it comes time to stitch the project, or I'll paint an area in a multiple number of canvas threads of the stitch I want to do so that it fits perfectly. 

I think my all time favorite project might be my new woodland forest series. I designed it right after I found out that my husband and I were expecting our first child. The mom, dad and baby deer from the series will always have a fond place in the canvas line because of that!

 What has been the most rewarding part of founding Stitch Style?

I've worked in the industry for almost ten years now, and it is so fun to finally have a business that I'm building of my own. Having the freedom to go in any direction I think I should, take whatever risks I want and watch it grow has been amazing. It's definitely pushed me a little out of my comfort zone at times, but I've learned that there's nothing wrong with taking a leap of faith and just figuring things out as you go. 

Building any business is about relationships and connections. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention all the amazing shop owners and stitchers who have supported me the last two years. Not to mention the wonderful group of other designers I've leaned on for support and who have become dear friends. I'm so grateful to the many, many people who have made this all possible!

Anything specific you are hoping to see during your visit to Chicago? 

Anything and everything! I've only visited Chicago very briefly! Once when I was about seven years old and a second time to visit a friend from college. Although, I've spent plenty of time on layovers in the O'Hare airport...but I'm not sure that counts! 

Of all the amazingly intricate stitches you know and teach, what is a favorite of yours?

You can find it in almost any stitch book, but one of my very favorites is Criss Cross Hungarian. It may not be all that wild or exotic, but it always looks so pretty stitched in the canvas. You can do the whole pattern in one thread, use one matte thread and one sparkle (think Pepper Pot and Silk Lamé for the cross stitches) or use two totally different fibers to give the look of polka dots. It's a great stitch for a night sky!

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Rapid fire questions:


Silk & Ivory or Pepper Pot?

Pepper Pot! 

18M or 13M?

18 mesh!

Stretcher Bars or In Hand?

Stretcher bars... always!

Needlepoint for yourself or others?

For myself? But really for the canvas line. 

Favorite project in your stash?

Two new rounds I've designed for the Coronation... coming soon!

Stitch in Season or for Finishing Deadlines?

Finishing deadlines!

One project at a time or multiple?

One project at a time. I know myself well enough to know that if I don't finish it when I start it- unless it's for a work deadline- I probably never will!

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We are so thrilled to have Jinny in Chicago to help demystify Stitch Guides for us all. We hope you can join us for one of her classes!

In stitches,

Mack & Kath



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