Tea with TCS: TCS Manager Jennifer Gunning

Tea with TCS: TCS Manager Jennifer Gunning


In case you haven't heard, we promoted our wonderful employee Jennifer to manager in February! We've been so busy getting her up and running that it has taken us this long to sit down with her for Tea with TCS!

What is there to say about Jen? Perhaps the question is what ISN'T there to say about Jen. We are Jen's biggest fans. A Chicago local, Jen grew up in the outskirts of the city and made her way into downtown Chicago over the years with her sons and husband. 

A longtime needlepointer, Jen joined Team TCS last year working in the shop to share her passion for stitching. The second day TCS was open, we kid you not, Jen walked through our front door and proclaimed, "Oh my god, this is my MECCA! Are you guys hiring?!". 

How could we not hire her? 

Jen has since stepped into the role of TCS Manager. Joining us in February in this expanded capacity, Jen helps manage inventory, finishing, and in-shop happenings. The next time you are in, say hey to Jen - she is simply the best! 

Read on to learn a bit more about Jen and her love for needlepoint!

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How did you learn to needlepoint?

My roommates after college both were needlepointers, so they were the ones that got me started.  My first project was a Fly Fishing Belt for my boyfriend -- I ignored the "needlepoint belt curse" and luckily he became my husband! 

What has been your favorite finish?

My Gucci jacket that I did during COVID -- which I did before TCS opened!  Since TCS opened, either the SMU acrylic trays I did as graduation gifts for my son's friends, or the "Headquarters" pillow I made for a friends housewarming. 

What are you currently working on?

My current WIPs are the Lipstick ornament in the shade of lipstick my mom has worn for 70+ years and the Grateful Dead canvas for my husband. 

What is a favorite TCS memory or story? 

I walked into TCS the day they opened and it was like going to Mecca!  FINALLY a needlepoint store in the city!   It is such a happy and bright environment and I basically told them on day 1 that I wanted to work there. 

Your go to beverage for sipping +stitching?

Vodka, soda, tons of limes.  (NEVER red wine!)

When you aren't stitching, or at TCS what keeps you busy?

I play squash and have been a volunteer at Lurie Children's Hospital for 14 years.  I play bridge and Mah Jong and as an empty nester, basically talk to my dog in baby talk all day.  

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We are beyond grateful to have Jen helping us manage and grow TCS. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet we highly recommend swinging by during one of her shifts to introduce yourself!

In stitches,

Mack & Kath

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