Tea with TCS: Virginia Stitches

Tea with TCS: Virginia Stitches


Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely Ginger Hunt. Ginger and I met through Junior League a few years ago, and more recently we have become good friends through needlepoint. 

As most of you know by now, Mack is the needlepoint legacy at TCS and I am only about two years into the hobby. It was great to hear about how Ginger got her start stitching in college, and her thoughts on the needlepoint "renaissance" that the pandemic spurred. 

Ginger's first project was a hobby belt for her brother, Rob. She had it painted and  kitted at the Eye of the Needle (Lexington,  KY), and stitched it over a college summer  break. Her brother wore the belt for years,  and Ginger replaced it for him as a gift for  walking her down the aisle this past  weekend - good sister alert!
From here our conversation turned to our   love for stitching, and it's calming effect it   has for both of us. Ginger and I have both dealt (or deal) with anxiety, and as she discussed in her previous post, needlepoint has been a huge source of relief for her. In a day and age where so much is online, it is so fortunate to have an activity that keeps you offline- mostly.                                                                                                                               
With the rise of what we refer to as Stitchstagram (Stitching Instagram), needlepoint can feel just as much online as it is offline. Ginger told me her thoughts on how much inspiration and community her needlepoint Instagram (@virginiastitches) has brought her. From finishing ideas, to access to young upbeat canvases, this needlepoint coute has brought the needlework community into the 21st century. While, we both acknowledged how much we love being a part of that community, it is hard to ignore the prattle that we all often get tied up in.  As Ginger, so wisely put it, " I am so glad that I started my needlepoint IG, it has been a wonderful source of inspiration. I have also made so many great friends in the needlepoint community via Instagram. Still, women can be critical of each other and I think it is so important to remember that needlepoint is safe space!".

As we sipped our second glass of rose, I couldn't help but relish all the details of Ginger's recent nuptials! Ginger detailed how she and Rob had planned their ceremony to be at the Chicago Yacht Club (a nod to his active racing hobby) and weaved needlepoint throughout the event. Ginger stitched Rob's wedding belt (a sailboat scene) over the summer as well as her twelve bridesmaids & in-law monograms (holy moly!).  She had the monograms finished on canvas tote bags to make a beautiful and thoughtful keepsake for her friends. A belated congratulations to Ginger and Rob! 

You and I might be tired while reading about Ginger's many activities, a legal career, planning a wedding, and stitching galore, but Ginger is not planning slowing down anytime soon...especially with her stitching! Currently, she is finishing a nursery sign for a pregnant friend, and the Hugs and Kisses canvas from Doolittle Stitchery.

Here are a few of my notes from my rapid fire Q&A with Ginger:


Stretcher bars v no stretcher bars?

No stretcher bars, I learned to needlepoint without them and have never used them, not even for larger projects.

Favorite finish?

This is like choosing between children. I love my wedding monogram ornament. My friend painted a watercolor crest for us, and I had The Eye of the Needle paint it as canvas. I absolutely love stitching belts! A belt was my first project. The hobby belt I did for my husband is adorable. I started it before we were even engaged, so no break-up belts here! I have also stitched him a belt that has his first, middle, and last names in nautical flags, and his wedding belt, which has sailboats on it. I have also done two hobby belts for my brother and a golf themed belt for him. The golf belt was a fun/ fast stitch because of all the detail - it flew by. I also needlepointed monogram patches that were affixed to LL Bean Boat & Totes for all of the ladies in my wedding party. And, I of course made one for myself.

Needlepoint for you or others?

Both! I love seeing my guys wear their belts, and I love having my finishes around me.

Stitch in season or stitch for finishing deadlines?

I used to stitch with the finishing deadlines but it became an unnecessary stressor, so now I just stitch whatever I want, when I want. Yes, I have sometimes waited a long time for finishes, but I use needlepoint to relieve stress, so why let the deadlines stress me out?

Pepper Pot v Vineyard Silk?

I love Vineyard Silk so much, but have recently started using Pepper Pot more. So maybe both.

Threader v no threader?

Threader!!! If you have never used one, do yourself a favor and get one, they are life changing.

Stitching bev?

Flat water, coffee, a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, or a California/ Oregon Pinot Noir.

If you could stitch with one celebrity who would it be?

Sonja Morgan.

Dream project?

Christmas stockings for my husband, myself, and future children.

Mack or Kath?


I've known Kath for longer, as I was her advisor in the Junior League of Chicago, and adore her! She is the sweetest and most welcoming person.

I just met Mack a few months ago and am enjoying getting to know her. She has the absolute best sense of humor and is a ton of fun!

They are both very talented needlepointers and make a great pair. I admire how they are running Third Coast Stitches and love the breath of fresh air they are bringing to the needlepoint community!




If you can't get enough of Ginger, follow her at @virginiastitches and meet her at one of our upcoming stitch nights! She is such a pleasure to be around and we are so happy to have her as a friend and member of our needlepoint community here at TCS! Thanks, Ginger, for your time - hope to see you this weekend ;)







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